Charles Hayward & MC Dälek

Bringing together alternative hip hop pioneer MC Dälek and legendary This Heat drummer & composer Charles Hayward for a week-long residency in Salford.

The 20th Samarbeta residency in September 2023 was a collaboration between rapper and producer Will Brooks AKA MC Dälek; and This Heat drummer & composer Charles Hayward.

Growing up in different generations and on different sides of the Atlantic, both had been fans of each other’s work for decades and actively wanting to work together for 15 years. The residency opportunity gave them the chance to do just that; investigating extreme low ends and high ends of electronics, vocals, and how drums occupy the space in between.

Taking place between the University of Salford & Islington Mill they spent the week creating and recording, leading a masterclass session for students, and concluding with an exclusive set at Fat Out Fest 2023, premiering the music they created during their time with us in Salford.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Charles & Dälek to develop the project further in 2024 and beyond.