Three Hundred and Thirty Three — Daisy Dickinson

A triptych of art films and original scores created by Daisy Dickinson and a host of luminary sound makers

Filmed on location in and around the ancient sites and nature of the North East of England, this triptych of art films and original scores re-imagine a landscape that echoes traces of magic, ceremony and symbolism.

We worked with Daisy to develop and realise her concepts for the films, and facilitate her collaborations with composers Maxim Barron, Simon Fisher Turner and Marta Salogni and the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

The project was commissioned by the Glasshouse International Centre for Music and Mediale, to mark the centre’s name change in 2023, drawing inspiration from audience reflections and connections to the space.

The films feature field recordings, ancient symbolism and on-location performances that explore memory - ancient, bygone and current. Many of the cup and ring markings of the Northumbrian landscape are thought to date back almost 4000 years to Neolithic times, when it’s widely believed that our ancestors felt that all the elements of the natural world had self consciousness. Each film aims to mirror an element; one part earth, one part water and one part fire.

All films are now released:

︎︎︎ Film One features original score by Maxim Barron with violinist Takatsuna Mukai and dancer Thom Van Day.

︎︎︎ ︎︎︎ Film Two features original score by Ivor Novello winning composer, Simon Fisher Turner, performed by the Royal Northern Sinfonia. The film casts performer-composer Kiik Amor and Japanese performance artist Junya Ishii.

︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎ Film Three features an original score from Marta Salogni, recorded and performed with the Royal Northern Sinfonia. It casts musician and composer Nuha Ruby Ra as a visual performer.