Erased Tapes x BBC Philharmonic

A coming together of independent genre-spanning musical innovators, recorded for BBC Radio 3

“A very unique, intimate and mesmerising experience at Salford Uni. To hear Rival Consoles with the BBC Philharmonic is something I'll never forget.”

- @PixelHunter on

For the opening concert of Fat Out Fest 2023 we brought together four of Erased Tapes’ best loved artists with an ensemble from the BBC Philharmonic and conductor Ellie Slorach, for a one-off broadcast performance at Peel Hall.

Reflecting Fat Out Fest’s love for collaboration and sharing, Rival Consoles, Penguin Cafe, Hatis Noit and Douglas Dare all took to the stage together with 10 orchestral musicians, with performing duties switching between them throughout the show.

The seed for this collaboration was planted a year earlier at Fat Out Fest 2022 when Hatis Noit performed at Islington Mill, prompting Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths to reflect on his first ever tour date with Olafur Arnalds in the very same space 15 years earlier; the same year that Fat Out was founded.

It felt fitting then to mark the origins of these two much-loved independents with a recording for ‘Unclassified’ on BBC Radio 3, hosted by fan of both, Elizabeth Alker. Think Jools Holland’s Hootenanny but with more strings and significantly less boogie woogie.