Fat Out

Passionate champion of the underground. An intense, queer and downright rowdy romp through sound.

“A claustrophobic, collaborative effort, cramming an international array of artists into the Mill’s dark rooms to create a weekend that’s not always comfortable but is always captivating –︎︎︎︎

– The Skinny
Fat Out has been producing shows in Salford & Manchester since 2008, hosting its first festival—Fat Out Fest—in 2011.

Since the beginning, Fat Out has been a passionate champion of the underground scene both locally and internationally, dedicated to discovering experimental music and visual art, and producing captivating live shows & festivals for both artists and audiences alike.

Fat Out Fest is our flagship event with collaboration at its core. We continue our quest to grow our knowledge of musicians, visual artists, record labels, festivals and like-minded promoters/collectives to work with on producing consistently unique experiences. The festival started as a two-day DIY show with bands performing back to back between the Islington Mill event & gallery spaces. Since this first incarnation, the festival has steadily grown to become an ever-evolving festival that platforms alternative, queer music and visual art.

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