Artist Residency programme that centres musicians, encourages unique collaborations and gives time and space for creative minds to develop work.

“It’s akin to an age-old celebration where all the tribes get together to eat, drink, dance, sing, cry, scream, laugh, love and most importantly learn a little bit more about what the other brings to the ritual fire.

– PADDY SHINE [SBR001, 2014]

Started in 2013 by Emma and Riv, Samarbeta - Swedish for ‘to collaborate/cooperate’ - started as a mirror to the visual arts residency model but for musicians. All too often musicians are expected to write, record, tour and repeat, with very little breathing space in between.

In the 10 years that have passed, we’ve hosted 20 residencies. There have been experiments, concoctions and bold new work created by established international musicians such as Lydia Lunch, Thurston Moore, DRS and MC Dälek and emerging artists like Vindya, Bora and UKAEA.

The residency has survived through passion, dedication and determination. Artists are given time away from the everyday, unfettered space to experiment in and some of the finest home cooking in Salford. The results have been impressive and in an increasingly dysfunctional music industry, its role feels ever more important.

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